Married Women

Don’t let finances come between you & your spouse!
We’ll show you how to use your money wisely!

Even a small wedding can be a big undertaking. So why do so many couples stop preparing for the future after they say, “I Do?” Finances are one of the main argument starters among married couples. Discussing them wisely is important to make sure that you’re both on the same page. Communication is the key to a happy marriage and to a financially successful partnership. Begin by considering your finances as a married couple. How can you maximize your income, minimize the impact of income taxes and work toward your mutual goals? We can help you get your finances in order and educate you both about your portfolio so you can eventually handle them alone or together.

Buying a New Home

A new home brings the thrill of ownership and the reality of a mortgage. If you share that responsibility with someone, would either of you have the means to carry on alone if something happened to the other? You can take the steps to ensure that you will be secure in your house if anything were to happen to you, your income or your spouse.

  • Get out of debt and raise your credit
  • Formulate a plan to live your desired retirement
  • Make smart investment choices and avoid tax complications

Raising a Family

College, estate taxes, retirement—these events all seem so far off. No matter what stage you’re at, it’s always a good time to review your financial plan. However, as your life unfolds, our financial coaches are here to help you. If you put the right pieces in place, you will be better positioned to reach your family’s financial goals. What are the dreams you share together? Start saving now for that next vacation, a possible new home, planning your family’s future. With our help, you can create a financially balanced plan.

  • Save for that next vacation
  • Create a financially balanced plan