Meet Our Team

Meet our team — the people who will help you achieve financial success!

Our Story

For hundreds of years, women have been discounted in the financial world. The mission of Wealth to Women is to change that. Wealth to Women employs an educational program to empower women to attract wealth, success, and beneficial relationships.

Wealth to Women offers numerous venues for women to learn more and master their own finances. This program was created by Jay Blanchard, a wealth manager in Buffalo, NY. Jay created the program in memory of his mother who was taken from him at a young age. “We often appreciate and value the most that which we have lost and can never get back.” Jay’s goal is to help all women achieve the affluence they truly deserve.

Our Team

Jay R. Blanchard is a well-known financial educator. He has traveled the country teaching important retirement concepts. Hundreds of retirees and pre-retirees have attended his workshops and seminars. Thousands have heard him on various media outlets, including WBEN’s The Financial Guys radio show, Channel 2 WGRZ TV, YNN TV, and on Channel 7 WKBW TV’s AM Buffalo with Linda Pellegrino. Jay’s practice centers around building a relationship with you.

“Before we prematurely make financial decisions, we must first understand how you feel and develop an appreciation for what is important to you.”

Wealth to Women is a program that was created by Jay after realizing that the investment field was discounting and ignoring women. Blanchard began asking questions and discovered there was an overwhelming need for financial information, specifically for female clients.

This new and comprehensive approach encompasses a financial plan directed by what is important to you. It considers many facets of money that should rotate around the nucleus of you, and your core values. The true value of investments and financial planning can only be measured by the positive effect they have on people.

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View More: Main is our Operations Manager. For the past six years, she has been overseeing account transfers, client distributions and all client administrative tasks. She is here to help answer questions you may have—from your homework and paperwork to helping you log in to our account aggregation system so you can view your accounts 24/7. She strives to make your transition of becoming a client smooth and worry-free. During the transition, she’ll be in contact with you at least once a week to update you on the progress.

A Message from Jay Blanchard, CEO

I’m often asked why I started Wealth to Women, which is not an easy question to answer. I honestly feel that this mission chose me. The seed was planted many years ago, when as a young nine-year-old boy I lost my mother to breast cancer. Growing up without a mom made me value women more. When you lose something, or someone that is special to you, you tend to appreciate them more. I see my mother’s face in every woman I have helped over the years.

I had been in the financial industry for quite some time before I developed this special program for women. It was the result of many requests, and the obvious need. I could see women were not getting the help and information they were looking for. That’s why I designed this program to be educational, and meet women at their unique level of sophistication—whether that is just getting started or highly accomplished.

I hope our program makes an impact on your life. Our goal is to nourish your roots of knowledge and help you grow a sturdy financial plan that you understand and have confidence in. I have assembled a team to work alongside you, and help you execute that plan. We are here to help you in the journey down life’s road.